Moai Association

The Mysterious Moai Association is an exclusive collection of 3333 stone giants that will come to life on the Cardano blockchain. Discover a world full of wonders where enigmatic storytelling is combined with unique art. Follow along on this journey to unravel all the mysteries that this project has to offer.

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The Mysterious Moai Association NFT's will hit the Cardano blockchain on the 20th of September


Tribe hunt

Each Moai belongs to one of the five tribes that are located around or on the island. These tribes are important for the future of the Moais. We just need to find out why they are important


Easter Island Foundation donation

3000 ADA will be donated to the Easter Island Foundation once mint is completed. They are a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of Rapa Nui heritage and culture through education.


First Class Boat Ticket Holders

Limited edition Moai NFT’s will be airdropped after mint to First Class Boat Ticket Holders. Boat ticket holders also have a lifetime wl and are able to join the 1500 ada raffle. Furthermore, ticket holders are able to win a 1/1 custom made, in real life Mysterious Moai painting


Moais Mysteries

More utilities and future plans are hidden in the metadata as well as in the traits of the NFTs.....


Phase 3

More mysteries which will be unraveled over time


Buurtvader Founder
Tommyswaglord420 Founder
Murls Designer


What will be the mint price?

70 ada per NFT

When is the mint date?

The mint will take place on the 20th of September.

What are the benefits of holding
a First Class Boat Ticket?

You will be able to mint 3 NFT’s in the first time slot and two NFT’s during the second. First class boat ticket holders will receive an exclusive airdrop after mint. This airdrop is a limited edition Moai NFT. Ticket holders will also automatically participate in an ada raffle after mint and are eligible to win a 1/1 custom Moai painting.

Moai Association

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